British Society for Protist Biology (BSPB) Spring Meeting 2014

Conference Programme

Abstracts for the talks and posters are now available online.

Wednesday 23rd April
14:00 Registration desk opens
17:30 Plenary Lecture by Martin Embley: Using protists to investigate eukaryotic origins
18:30 Posters & Welcome Reception Funded by the Faculty of Health & Medicine, Lancaster University
19:30 Dinner
Thursday 24th April
08:00 Registration desk opens
9.00-12.15 Symposium: The functional biology of protists - a celebration of Bland Finlay's career in protistology
9:00 A microbial journey
Genoveva Esteban
9:30 Protozoa and oxygen
Tom Fenchel
10:00 Protist biogeography: testate amoebae and 'everything is everywhere'
David M Wilkinson
10:30 Refreshments & Posters
11:00 Biodiversity, behaviour and biology of lake phytoplankton
Stephen C. Maberly
11:30 Hydrogenosomes, symbiotic consortia and implications for eukaryotic evolution
William F. (Bill) Martin
12:00 Concluding remarks
Martin Embley
12.15 Lunch & Posters
13.30-15.30 The Humphrey Smith Student Talk Prize Chair: Barry Leadbeater
13.30 Opening remarks
13.35 Metagenomics of the ciliate Kentrophoros and its bacterial symbionts
Brandon Seah, Harald Gruber-Vodicka and Nicole Dubilier
13.55 The Viridiraptoridae - A Novel Family of Algivorous Flagellates (Glissomonadida, Rhizaria)
Sebastian Hess and Michael Melkonian
14.15 Comparative efficacy of azole compounds targeting sterol 14- demethylase against multiple isolates of Acanthamoeba castellanii and A. polyphaga
Scott Thomson, Christopher A. Rice, Fiona L. Henriquez and Craig W. Roberts
14.35 Acanthamoeba castellanii stimulate the production of inflammatory cytokines by a MyD88 dependent, TRIF and PAR2 independent manner
Antonella Cano, Fiona L. Henriquez, Antonella Mattana, J. Alexander and Craig W. Roberts
14.55 Evolution of chloroplast RNA processing at the boundary between photosynthetic and parasitic alveolates
Richard G. Dorrell, R. Ellen R. Nisbet, James Drew and Christopher J. Howe
15.15 Sandfly gut homeostasis during Leishmania and bacterial infection
Taylor Lura and Rod Dillon
15:35 Refreshments & Posters
16.00 BSPB Annual General Meeting
17.45 First coach departure - for Lancaster Castle tour or Lancaster City pubs, followed by the Conference Dinner
19:00 Second coach departure - for the Conference Dinner only
19:30 Conference Dinner at the Northern Institute of Creative Eating (NICE), Lancaster
TBA Coach trips back to Lancaster University
Friday 25th April
08:30 Registration desk opens
09.30-11.00 Symposium: Flagellate protists and the insect gut
Chair: Paul Bates
9:00 Flagellate development in the gut of termites
Renate Radek
9:30 Crithidia infections in the gut of the bumblebee
Eamonn Mallon
10:00 Leishmania and sand fly gut flora
Rod Dillon
10:30 Response of Drosophila to Herpetomonas gut infections
Petros Ligoxygakis
11:00 Refreshments
11:30-13:10 Contributed papers Chair: Rod Dillon
11.30 Tintinnids (Ciliophora: Choreotrichia) of the Suez Canal and their transmigration process between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean
Hamed A. El-Serehy, Nasser S. Abdel-Rahman, Khaled A. Al-Rasheid, Saleh A. Al-Quraishy, Hesham M. Shafik, Saleh A. Al-Farraj and Magdy M. Bhgat
11.50 Paramecium and Didinium continue to show population biologists where they've got it wrong
David JS Montagnes and Jiqiu Li
12.10 Beneficial Transposable Element Insertions in Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Martin Carr and Lucinda Cooper
12.30 Rampant Rhizarian Parasites
David Bass, Hanna Hartikainen, Grant Stentiford, Georgia Ward, Kelly Bateman, Cedric Berney, Stephen Feist, Beth Okamura, Matt Longshaw, David Stone and Charlotte Wood
12.50 Bacteria-amoeba communication
Jackie Parry and Paul Williams
13.10 Lunch and close of conference
Conference Ends

Poster Presentations

Posters will be displayed in the same room as the refreshments and will be available for viewing throughout the meeting. *denotes a candidate for the Humphrey Smith Student Poster Prize.

'Cryptic Biodiversity' of a Nature Reserve
Angela L Creevy, Jane Fisher, Simone Durr and David M Wilkinson
Microbial eukaryote diversity in high, medium, and low pH soils
*Alessandra Dupont, Robert I. Griffiths and David Bass
Hidden diversity within diatom morphospecies: a case study on Frustulia saxonica species complex
Jana Kulichová, Pavla Urbánková and Vojtěch Scharfen
Phylogenetic analysis of anaerobic ciliates and their aerobic relatives: understanding the origins of anaerobic adaptations in Eukaryotes
*William Lewis, Kacper Sendra, Tom Williams, Robert Hirt, Genoveva Esteban and Martin Embley
Understanding the mechanisms involved in the encystment of Acanthamoeba
*David MacPhail, Bharath K. Sundararaj, Craig W. Roberts and Fiona L. Henriquez
The Repurposing of Antineoplastic Agents for the Treatment of Acanthamoeba Infections
*Amy L. McDowell, Antonella Cano, Fiona L. Henriquez and Craig W. Roberts
Eco-physiological rates are poor predictors of fitness in Oxyrrhis marina: implications for climate change adaptation
*Ewan Minter, Phill Watts and Mike Brockhurst
Evolutionary Origin of Metazoan Chromoviruses
*Jade Southworth and Martin Carr
The impact of interference competition on the functional response: an empirical study using model protozoa
*Matthew Wannell, Wei Zhang and David Montagnes
Novel haplosporidian parasites and their potential host invertebrates
*Georgia Ward, David Bass, Grant Stentiford, Kelly Bateman, Cedric Berney, Hanna Hartikainen
A new means to determine the environmental quality of coastal waters, using biofilm-dwelling ciliate communities
*Wei Zhang and Henglong Xu

N.B. Posters will be displayed in the same room as the tea/coffee sessions and will be available for viewing throughout the meeting.

Additional nights B&B accommodation on campus is available (before and after the meeting). If required, these should be booked through the local organiser Jackie Parry and not through the BSPB.