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BSPB 2015 Registration Is Now Open

The 2015 British Society For Protist Biology Spring Meeting will be held between 15-17th April 2015 at the University of Huddersfield.

The conference will host two mini-symposia – Experimental Evolution in Protists and The Evolution of Multicellularity – as well as sessions for posters, student talks and contributed talks.

Registration is now open and applications for talks and posters are being taken. Abstracts and titles should be emailed to Martin Carr ([email protected]) for consideration. In the event of too many talk applications, preference will be giving to presentations which are in the fields of the two mini-symposia.

The Early Bird deal will be open until the 28th March, with delegates being charged the full conference fees after this date. Members of the BSPB are entitled to a reduced registration fee before and after the Early Bird deadline.

Accommodation is not included in the conference registration. A list of suggested accommodation in Huddersfield is provided.

The following speakers will be presenting in the symposia:

Experimental Evolution In Protists
  • Will Ratcliff (Georgia Tech) - Plenary
  • Mike Brockhurst (York)
  • Duncan Cameron (Sheffield)
  • Ville Friman (Imperial)
  • Oliver Kaltz (Montpellier)
  • Kai Lohbeck (Kiel)
  • Chris Lowe (Exeter)
  • Peter O’Toole (York)
Evolution of Multicellularity
  • Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo (Barcelona) - Plenary
  • Mark Cock (Roscoff)
  • Frank Nitsche (Cologne)
  • Daniel Richter (Roscoff)
  • Pauline Schaap (Dundee)

Previous Meetings

Integrating the 3 Dimensions of Biodiversity: New Standards for Documenting Biodiversity of Ciliates and Strategies for Accessing and Sharing Data

A joint workshop of the International Research Coordination Network for Biodiversity of Ciliates and the BSPB

1-3 September 2014, Royal Holloway, University of London, Egham, Surrey, UK

Workshop details are now provided in both Word (rtf) and PDF formats. Information about accommodation in London has also been provided below.

British Society for Protist Biology (BSPB) Spring Meeting, 23-25 April 2014

The BSPB Spring Meeting 2014 took place at Lancaster University, UK. The meeting opened on the Wednesday evening with a Plenary Lecture on the use of protists to investigate eukaryotic origins, given by Martin Embley. Two symposia then followed.

The first celebrated the distinguished career of Bland Finlay who, after 35 years of protistan research, has recently retired from his academic post at Queen Mary University of London. Speakers paying tribute to Blands contribution to protistan biodiversity, biogeography and ecology included Genoveva Estaban, Tom Fenchel, Stephen Maberly, Bill Martin and David Wilkinson.

The second symposium examined the evolution and ecology of flagellate protists within the guts of insects, with invited contributions from Rod Dillon (Sand fly), Petros Ligoxygakis (Drosophila), Eamonn Mallon (Bumblebee) and Renate Radek (Termites).

Protists, other small organisms, and Next Generation Sequencing

Joint meeting between the BSPB and the Linnean Society, 10-12th of April 2013.

The joint BSPB - Linnaean Society Spring Meeting was held at the Natural History Museum in London. The main symposium was on 'Next Generation Sequencing'. Guest speakers included Christopher Quince (Computational Microbial Genomics Group, Glasgow University), Si Creer (School of Biological Sciences, Bangor University), Konrad Paszkiewicz (Wellcome Trust Biomedical Informatics Hub & Head of Exeter University Sequencing Service), Micah Dunthorn (Kaiserslautern University), and Dawn Field (Molecular Evolution and Bioinformatics Group, NERC CEH).

Presentation slides from some of the talks are now available for download. See the Meeting abstracts page for links.

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Other Meetings

52nd BSP Spring meeting

The 52nd BSP Spring meeting including the bi-annual Trypanosomiasis and Leishmaniasis seminar, will take place in Cambridge University between the 6th and 9th April, and looks set to be an exciting and popular conference.