BSPB is now on Facebook!

The BSPB has joined Facebook! You will be able to receive updates from the group and be able to network with other members who are friends of the group. If you have never joined Facebook we have a step by step guide below. Hope to see you on Facebook soon!

How to make a face book profile.

  1. In your browser type in
  2. On the main page fill out the names, personal email address and make up your own password then click the sign up button. For the security check enter the text found in the box on screen in the text box and click sign up.
  3. The 1st step on face book it asks you to add your email address (Window live hotmail, yahoo mail or other email services) this is the easiest and fastest way to find friends already using face book.
  4. Profile information is the 2nd step to setting up the face book profile this requires you to enter the secondary school, university and employer you were at or currently with. This makes finding friends associated with the same institute easier.
  5. By using a photograph of yourself on your computer by clicking upload a photo or by taking a photograph with a webcam on your computer allows your profile picture to be seen by other members of face book. This allows people searching for you or yourself searching for others to be easily identified. Click save and continue to create your face book profile.
  6. To complete the sign up process, go to your personal email address and register your account by clicking on the link, you may be asked for a confirmation code that is found underneath the link given by

Editing your face book profile.

  1. On the top left hand side of the website (beside your photograph) and under your name, click the edit profile information.
  2. Fill in the relevant information about yourself and click save changes.
  3. More information about yourself can be added by clicking on the relevant tab on the left hand side of the page e.g. contact information, activities and interests, philosophy, education and work.
  4. On your profile page go to step 6 at the bottom, this is the privacy setting for face book account. This setting allows full control and privacy of your face book profile to friends can only see your page, everyone can see your page, or friends of friends can view your page. I would recommend that you set your profile privacy setting to friends only.

Finding friends on face book.

  1. On the main face book page, at the top middle of the page there is a search bar. By clicking on the search bar and typing in a friend’s name and by ensuring you recognise the person by their profile picture you can click on add them as a friend.
  2. If they accept your friend request it links the 2 profiles in each other’s friends list. This allows easy access to each other’s pages as well as seeing each other’s information.
  3. If friends post a comment on their profile this will come up on your news feed, where you can see it, like it and comment on it. Likewise if you put a comment onto your profile.

Connecting with the British Society for Protist Biology (BSPB)

  1. By Clicking on the search bar previously described on step 1.) Of the finding friends on facebook, type in British Society for Protist Biology (BSPB) and the profile will come up (ensure you can see our picture).
  2. On the right hand side beside the name click on +1 Request (add as a friend).
  3. Once accepted by the group or by added by the administrators (Ed Glücksman and/or Chris “Mousey” Rice) then you will be able to receive updates from the group and be able to network with other members who are friends of the group.

There will be a fan page coming soon with more information about the society as well on facebook.